Yes, I fully realize I’ve probably just drawn the most spacious taxi cab in all the world so don’t bother pointing that out.

This happened to me this past weekend when I was taking a cab from Williamsburg to Park Slope. Apparently no cab drivers know how to get to the BQE from Williamsburg. First one I took a while ago got really lost, but nicely stopped his meter around the usual cost for pretty much anywhere I take a cab to my place. The one for this weekend didn’t take as long but still had to ask for directions from another driver. So anyway around when I’m home I hear this obnoxious cell phone and think it’s the driver’s, but then I realize the floor is vibrating and I look down and had a conversation that started roughly like the one in this comic. The cab driver seemed very uninterested when I mentioned someone left his cell phone there. Who could blame him really? He probably hated me already for driving from one part of Brooklyn to another.

You’ll have to wait for the conclusion to this story because I can squeeze out at least one more comic idea from this one.