In a momentary lapse of judgment I got my hands on iLife ’06. Actually that wasn’t the momentary lapse of judgment, that was when I installed it. Actually I just installed iPhoto because I have no need for iMovie, iDVD or Garageband, plus I don’t have a .Mac account it’s really not worth installing iWeb. Maybe Apple does these incremental updates when they do because by then even the faithful have forgotten that software or hardware-wise (at least with the non-pro apps) NEVER EVER EVER BUY REVISION A.

If you go to the Apple discussion boards right now you’ll find tons of threads of people whose photo libraries have been decimated having installed the new version of iPhoto. I was one of the fortunate few it seems. Though the annoying glitch is that when viewing the photos the colors are over saturated. Something to do with the color profile of the image. If you open it in a 3rd party app it looks like it’s supposed to though.

Plus I read an article that iPhoto’s new “photocasting” feature creates invalid RSS feeds. Essentially, if you’re not using iPhoto, Safari or NetNewswire (which uses the Safari browser in it) you’re not going to be able to subscribe to anyone’s photo RSS feed. Basically it says that you should use Safari for the “best experience.”

Basically what a friend of mine has said for a while is continually being proven true. Microsoft is evil, but at least they’re up front about their ways of locking you in. Apple is more evil because they pretend they’re not evil.

The other evil thing they’ve done lately is with their video iPod. If you wish to connect your video iPod to a television or other monitor you need a cable similar to the one a lot of camcorders come with. One which has a mini jack and on the other end there’re RCA red, yellow and white connectors. However, if you just take this non-Apple cord and hook it to your iPod it won’t play out to the television. Well, I guess you’ll just have to buy the Apple one right? Wrong.

As pointed out by Life, all Apple did was swap some wires in their system. So all you have to do is switch the red and yellow connectors, after that it should work just like it’s supposed to. Originally it seems that Apple’s cord was about $10 more than your average joe connector, but a quick look to the Apple Store shows that it’s now about the same price.

I don’t understand to this day how the Mac loyal can go out and buy first generation Apple products. Because if anything they should be the ones saavy enough to realize that they always have terrible bugs with their revision A products, ESPECIALLY with hardware. I guess some simply can’t resist the white plastic.