I was thinking of doing something snarky about how the Golden Globes don’t matter ’cause it’s just a bunch of guys with money putting on an award show for movies and television shows ’cause they feel like it. But I couldn’t really think of anything, and everyone already makes fun of how completely worthless the Golden Globes are. Half the reason I watch the Oscars is I enjoy the movie clips they play, but the Golden Globes doesn’t do that, plus they don’t have the time limit on speeches, a winning combination.

So I was trying to think of today’s comic around 12:15 am last night while listening to an episode of the Fluff in Brooklyn podcast. They made a comment about nose picking, and then the gears turned in my head such that I realized it would look really ridiculous/hilarious for one of my characters to pick their nose because A) They have no fingers and B) it could be argued most of their head is their nose. I say again, seldom do I ever laugh at my own comics (only ones I admit to laughing at are usually the low brow fart jokes), but I almost couldn’t draw the guy picking his nose because I was laughing so hard. Yes, further proof that my sense of humor is as sophisticated as the rest of the human male race.

The Fluff in Brooklyn podcast is actually one of the more amusing podcasts I’ve discovered lately. When I went to their website I was feeling too lazy to read their comics so I tried out their podcast ’cause while listening I can do other things like transcribe my comic or play minesweeper (usually the latter). They play music of local bands that they like and otherwise just talk about random stuff in between the songs. I’m not sure it’s for everyone, but I enjoy listening to them talk about their random topics because they talk a lot like people I hang out with (perhaps with a little more crack in their systems, but equal amounts of insanity).

Also since they’re the same age as me it’s amusing when they talk about things from their childhood that I remember from my own childhood like muscle men. Sort of like watching Family Guy and having them spoof the Sesame Street pinball animation thing where they count up to 12. It reminds me of the times I was a freshman in college and I’d be sitting in line with friends waiting for a movie and we’d bond over the toy commercials we remember seeing as kids. It’s always comforting to find other people as nerdy or nerdier than you are who aren’t creepy and antisocial (I assume).

Sorry, that was a lot of parantheses, that reminds me of when I was in elementary school proofreading a girl’s composition, and she had an inordinate number of parantheses, as in one pair per sentence. Yeah.