I don’t listen to many podcasts at all except for my friends over at Ninja Consultant. Even after my brief search I only found maybe one that I’d consider subscribing to. The thing is that there are a ton of podcasts out already that cover the multitudes of geeky interests of mine, but that really isn’t enough now is it? What I mean is that if you’re going to be listening to someone or a group of people for twenty to thirty minutes you have to like them and how they talk. Not only do I make snap judgements from little opinions people express or words they might misuse, but I’m very uncompromising for what I’ll tolerate in someone’s either voice, tone or mannerisms.

One of the podcasts I think there’s a chance I’ll continue listening to is the Weekly Anime Review (guess what they have). I only listened to one and a half shows so far (Full Metal Alchemist and Appleseed shows) but it seems all right. I’m always curious about new animes and there doesn’t seem to be many other shows set up like this where it’s mostly just about reviewing new anime. The few gripes is that the guy who runs it is kind of dry and it feels like he’s reading a script a lot of the time which makes it feel more like you’re being talked at instead of talked to. Plus he gave Appleseed an 8 out of 10, and I thought Appleseed was one of the worst anime movies I’ve seen, never before have I fallen asleep during action scenes for a sci-fi anime movie. In its defense I saw the dub which was god awful, but still didn’t like it. I considered that part of the series of very pretty movies with terrible stories (others were Wonderful Days and Casshern).

The next one I reference in my comic is this one called I Love Anime (Terebi) which I stumbled upon because I just decided to start previewing all the anime podcasts I could find. These guys have some video podcasts and regular ones, though I noticed one of the regular ones was just the audio taken from the video podcast. Turns out that doesn’t really matter because they are in NO WAY taking advantage of being on video, I scanned through the entire thing and the camera never moves. Imagine adolescent guys lounging on some sofas, not very compelling. When I previewed the audio I could tell they were just a bunch of adolescent guys whom I really didn’t care about listening to, nor would be able to tolerate either. Granted I didn’t listen to much, but really I hate teenagers, so this holds very little appeal to me unless they sound like the kind of geeks I’d hang out with. They don’t. Plus, their mic sounds like it’s across the room from all of them.

Last one is the one I think has the best chance of holding my attention which is Josh in Japan. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a guy named Josh who has been stationed in Japan for a number of years and he talks about all the interesting things in Japan that you could possibly imagine. A few things kind of turned me off, one was the “oriental food” comment and his apparent lack of much food education growing up which resulted in what sounds like a rather conservative taste. Though he did mention some Japanese foods he was adverse to trying that he ended up thinking are super amazing, so that gives me hope. My problem with this one was just me being picky about geeks. That is, he’s already somewhat of a geek if he has a podcast at all, but he’s also in the army and a lot of his comments just make me think of how much more fun it would be if it was one of my friends giving them. That being said, there’s a certain snarkiness in some of his comments that I enjoyed. For example, one listener was asking what Japanese do in their spare time and he basically said “Uh, what do Americans do in their spare time? Hang out, watch TV, play video games. There’s your answer.”

Then the others I looked at were the Ricky Gervais Show (The Office, Extras) and Gamespot.com’s podcast. Actually I wish Alex Navarro, one of the Associate Editors at Gamespot had his own podcast because even if I don’t care about the game he’s reviewing he just has this amazing direct way of talking and snarkiness that’s so entertaining to listen to.