I gain satisfaction and pleasure from many little things in life. One of them is ripping the glue off of tear away calendars when there have been enough pages removed (that’s the calendar I got for Christmas). A sample of other ones include: typing, the film case to a roll of TMAX film has a very satisfying feel to it when you close it, feeling the smoothness of my keyboard rest (always left to right), and peeling that boogery glue that’s used to put inserts into magazines.

I’ve always wanted to have a tear away calendar where I didn’t rip off the glue until the entire thing was ripped, and I’ve never ever done it. I’ve never seen anyone do it, but I’ve always wanted to. I’m going to do my best to make sure this is the year I finally do it so I can get the satisfaction of ripping off that enormous piece of glue all at once. Damn straight.