I think it’s pretty safe to say this is the raunchiest I’ve ever gotten, and likely the comic won’t ever get raunchier than this. But point being that I got the uncut, extended edition of the Sin City DVD for Christmas and I spent part of this weekend watching the two audio commentaries on it (there’s another “commentary” which is the recording of the Austin Premiere which seems like another way of Rodriguez patting himself on the back). I really enjoy Robert Rodriguez’s audio commentaries because he tends to de-mystify everything he does whenever he gets the chance and it’s really interesting to hear how he makes his movies.

Though when you introduce other people into the process it becomes less about that and more about listening to two guys talk about which parts of the movie they like which can get pretty tedious fast. The commentary of “From Dusk ‘Till Dawn” I stopped listening to part way because it’s just him and Quentin Tarantino having a good time. The Frank Miller commentary is also very much like this.

It’s clear from the commentary that Rodriguez worships the ground that Frank Miller walks on and everything he says is to meant to express his unadulterated adoration for this man and to stroke his ego at every given moment. This is not only sort of sickening to listen to but can get very annoying at times. That is not to say that there’s no good content in that commentary, but it really is mostly ego stroking going on. The commentary with Frank Miller is supposed to be the more artistic commentary with fewer technical facts but every other phrase is more like “You did this so great in the book so that’s how I decided how to do the movie” which like I said gets boring real fast.

Still, if you liked the movie this is the DVD to get, if you bought the one before you’re a complete sucker because I’m pretty sure this one was announced when that other one came out. Actually if you buy any DVD that appears stripped down nowadays you’re a sucker because they always release other editions. That is, unless you don’t care at all for extras in which case it’s fine to get the first edition of DVDs.