Technically at this point I still have not tasted the fruits of the delicious end of this hellish transit strike. If I’m to believe what they’re telling me I should be sitting pretty tomorrow morning instead of lugging my, well, luggage across the bridge to work and then to Penn Station.

I biked to work yesterday which actually went a little smoother than the ride home the previous day. For one thing there was less traffic so I had fewer of those congested areas where I was too afraid to ride alongside cars for fear of scratching them up with my handlebars and then falling onto the pavement. I also found a street with a bike lane was was a remarkable stress reliever. Still though I could never do it regularly. I probably would get the hang of it if forced to but it’s way too nerve wracking. Following the more hardcore in traffic seems like a good idea until they go to the center of the street and then weave back to the right leaving you stranded if you don’t act quickly enough.

I also think the incline of the Manhattan Bridge is a lot steeper on the Brooklyn side than the Manhattan because it felt a lot more difficult. Funny thing is that because of my martial arts my legs are in better shape than they’ve ever been. Yet less than an hour of biking was enough to make me feel like they were still not in very good shape. Different muscles I guess.

I’m just so glad it’s all over. Never good to start a vacation with giant amounts of stress.

Something I noticed was that some of the New York Times’ captions for their strike photos were truly amusing in how they were clearly written just because they needed to put some sort of caption. The best was one for people walking on the Brooklyn Bridge: “People walk into Manhattan over the bridge named after the borough they live in.” Another great one was a photo of the road symbol for the walk lane: “On the Brooklyn Bridge, a symbol appeared to encourage commuters as they marched themselves all the way across the East River for the third morning in a row.”