Special thanks to my friend F. who came up with the sexy legs one before I even thought of doing a comic of newspaper headlines. Two days ago I was ready for this strike to be over so you can imagine how I feel about it now.

Last morning I got in on a carpool with friends which technically took longer than it would’ve taken to walk (we had to pick up someone in Williamsburg) and I had to leave an hour earlier, but I was with friends hanging out so it wasn’t bad. I have some semblance of an idea of how to get to Williamsburg from my place, I’m still working on understanding how the different sections of Brooklyn connect.

Last night I biked home because someone at work who is away for an indefinite period of time was keeping his there, and he said anyone could use if if they needed to. Someone else took it the day before but ended up getting a ride so it was my turn. I didn’t end up saving as much time as I hoped because what happened was that during some particularly congested areas I decided not to cheat fate and chose to walk those areas on the sidewalk. So that might’ve added at least ten to fifteen minutes to my total trip which was maybe fifty minutes. I already had respect for people who could bike in the city, but I have even more now because it’s crazy out there nevermind when traffic is actually moving. I managed to tag along with some riders during the more complicated areas but it wasn’t so bad.

Yes, riding a bike is just like riding a bike. There I said it.

I don’t know what I’ll do if this goes on past the holiday which would be a very rude welcome back to the city after my holiday weekend. There’s a few things I like to know when I come back to the city. First is that there won’t be moldy food in my fridge, the second is that the subway will be running and the third is…well there is no third because before the transit strike the moldy food was really the only consideration I made when leaving my place aside from locking my door. There, if it puts your mind at ease, you can say that the third is that the door is locked, even though technically that’s more important on many levels than the first two.