All right, so maybe I’m exaggerating just a LITTLE comparing my commute to the journey to Mount Doom. I actually had an okay time yesterday. What ended up happening was I walked to the bridge with a friend who lives nearby and we ended up getting a ride across the bridge from a couple who needed two more people in their car in order to go over. Then it was maybe a fifteen minute walk to work from there. Total travelling time was about an hour, we even got there early because we left our apartments pretty early. There were a lot of people walking and some big crowds at either car pool areas or waiting for the Long Island Railroad, not sure which one. There was another guy who needed more people to cross but he seemed less friendly than the couple who offered us a ride.

On the way back it was worse all around. I ended up walking the entire way which took about an hour and fourteen minutes total. The traffic over the bridge was bumper to bumper. Actually all traffic looked like it was bumper to bumper. I heard that the restrictions they had placed on cars during the morning commute weren’t really in effect in the evening so there were a lot more cars going around. I tried to play a game to see if I was outpacing cars I could see in the lanes, but it ended up not working out because I was walking too much faster than them. I was actually listening to the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings which was very appropriate, and made the trip a little bit more fun at how ridiculously dramatic it made it all seem.

Still though, I’m ready for this to be over. I want my sleep.