Let me just tell the world right now that if my ever mentioning that I’m running out of ideas was interpreted as a cry for more ideas, it wasn’t. I went to see King Kong last night with a friend. As soon as we got in I took a trip to the bathroom and by the time I got back the theater was basically full. If it wasn’t we would’ve moved because of the guy behind us with HORRIBLE B.O!!! Dear god, it was that sort of B.O. that you think you can avoid by breathing through your mouth but then you realize you feel your mucus melting.

My friend was a little more fortunate than me because he’s been sick, but he still bought popcorn so he could keep his nose in it during the movie. He must’ve gained a number of calories just smelling it during the movie. I resorted to keeping my nose under my shirt most of the time, though even if it was only protected by the very top of my shirt I could still smell it. Plus this guy decided that yawns, grunts and moans need be verbalized instead of simply done. Seriously, it’s perfectly easy to yawn or make any fatigued bodily movements without the benefit of sound. Seriously!!!

The movie was really amazing though so the experience wasn’t completely ruined. Truth be told, when I go to the movies I want to be completely absorbed by the movie. Being required to think about what way I should be breathing during the movie qualifies as me not being completely absorbed. I need to see it again for a number of reasons. First being I want a bigger theater, second I want to have a non-B.O. laden experience and third the movie deserves being seen again in the theater in my opinion.

The time taken to develop the characters helped a lot because it made you care what happened to most of them. The real highlight of the film though is obviously the relationship between Kong and Anne which is surprisingly affecting and utterly believable. Kudos goes both to the Kong team and Naomi Watts for developing the relationship in a logical sort of way and conveying it with virtually no dialogue. There’s a surprising amount of subtlety in how they get along in terms of the knowing looks they exchange as they get to know each other and survive various perils.

I didn’t cry like I hear some people have been at the end of the movie but Naomi Watts almost made my cave during a few choice scenes. This attention to detail and characters is what really makes the film successful. I was rather surprised by just how much I cared about them because I thought the emotional connection to such an ill-fated couple could only go so far. I’m glad to say that I was wrong.

There can be nit-picking done about the visual effects because they’re not perfect but they’re well used. The brontosaurus stampede scene has some iffy compositing and the raptors look far more CG than everything else. Throughout there’s some questionable lighting whenever people are interacting with CG characters but the story is involving enough that it’s never truly distracting. Plus sometimes in hair I could see tinges of blue from the bluescreen, but whatever. Though any loose ends or cracks in the VFX will show up that much more on the DVD unless they’re tweaked between now and then.

In the end though it’s a very good movie and I’m really happy for Peter Jackson’s achievement in light of how this has been his dream since he was a little kid.