Semi-true story. I didn’t pick a toothpaste willy nilly, but I did end up getting bubblegum flavored toothpaste. The thing is that I like Crest’s Neat Squeeze toothpaste bottle because it makes it easier to get every last bit of toothpaste out without any weird folding, rolling and all that stuff you think is helping but really isn’t. When I went to Duane Reade though there was only one neatsqueeze bottle that was Kid’s Crest (the one on the bottom). I mulled over it trying to think of whether or not there could be anything wrong with it. It said it sparkled which I didn’t see any harm in so I bit the bullet and bought it. I opened it later on. Bubblegum flavored.

I used to hate mint with a fiery passion when I was little so I had trouble with the mint flavored toothpaste. I tried the bubblegum toothpaste when I was little and even then I thought it was gross. So now I have this bottle of toothpaste that doesn’t make my mouth feel clean when I use it. I’m going to get another bottle and this one will act as my reserve. Tragic.