There’s no significance to him going to see Syriana, it’s just the movie that I saw last night when I had this popcorn thing happen to me. I went to see the movie at the Angelika and the difference between their small popcorn and their medium is rather pronounced, at least proportionally if you compare the medium to the large. It’s similar to how they ridicule you in some movie theaters by calling the small the “child size.”

I just hate it when you get people who try to sell you the larger size or something with more add-ons. They do this at fast food places too like how Wendy’s Biggie size is only thirty-nine cents more or something like that. I realize they do it because people will go for it, but I order the size I order because that’s the size that I want. If I wanted their suggestions I would ask, otherwise they should just butt out of my purchase decisions.

Incidentally Syriana was good, but it’s very complicated and rather dense. I was lost during a couple of the storylines so I was hoping during a lot of it that I’d be able to get back into it and understand what was actually going on. The storylines combined rather well by the end and I got the basic gist of it, but it would take another viewing to fully understand it.