I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but DVD prices on Amazon right now are positively insane. Either I’m out of touch in terms of the market and the average price or they’re marking a lot of these DVDs waaaay down. Literally it seems like half of my wishlist is around fifteen dollars or below which is just crazy. Bonus points to the person who can guess the genre of DVDs that are barely marked down at all at a paltry ten percent (no real bonus points, because these DVDs in particular are usually the most expensive and least discounted across the board).

This is the ultimate quandry really, because buying stuff for yourself during Christmas season is generally frowned upon for good reason. But with prices these low it’s hard to not even consider doing it. Do they have after Christmas sales? I forget whether or not those exist. What I love is that they have the pre-Thanksgiving sale and after Thanksgiving sale when clearly from the beginning to afterwards it’s just one big sale. A not so clever sales ploy to give people a false sense of urgency.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but the last panel here actually makes me kind of teary eyed. I was having trouble figuring out if the character was being cute or just whiny and annoying to the reader. In fact, I still can’t tell.