Had a mostly uneventful trip back. Actually the only thing vaguely eventful was copious amounts of traffic so it took about five and a half hours to get back to the city, but I slept a bunch so it didn’t matter all that much. I did in fact play copious amounts of minesweeper when I got back home. Minesweeper can get really addicting, my only beef is that it’s not completely logic based in that sometimes it just comes down to luck because you could have two tiles left on the highest difficulty and either one could be the mine. That sucks.

New travel discovery, podcasts are really great for long bus rides. My previous auditory distraction of choice were movie musicals because they have a nice natural progression that’s not quite the same as listening to a score. When you’ve listened to a song enough times you don’t really notice it, but if it’s a musical with lyrics you like then it’s more interactive. The Nightmare Before Christmas was one of my favorites for long rides, but lately I’ve been favoring the Buffy musical. I also found out I get motion sick when I play my gameboy on the bus.