Amazingly I didn’t lose my mind during my trip back home. In fact the only part of the trip that took longer than usual was getting my ticket since there were huge lines at each of the ticket machines. The machines seemed to be taking turns about which ones would break down and be slow, thankfully I was in what seemed to be the most stable line. I got a little worried when I had a million tickets print that seemed to indicate I was going to be making many stops and transferring buses. Such was not the case, I have no idea how their ticketing system works. I got Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for my trip but ended up stopping after about an hour because I was getting really car sick. Either gaming and buses don’t mix, or the game in particular doesn’t because of all the platform jumping. Plus there aren’t many save points or sleep mode so I lost a lot of progress, oh well.

For Xmas I actually think I have more people this year than ever before whom I’m thinking of giving presents to, we’ll see how it goes. I just hope people keep up with their Amazon wishlists ’cause I might just do that out of sheer laziness for some people.