My heart goes out to all the nerds out there who work in an office environment where they never bring up their personal hobbies because no one there would understand a single bit of them. I’m fortunate enough to work in an environment where there are several gamers who even if they don’t play the same games as me can understand the enthusiasm behind a squeefest like this. I actually beat Minish Cap Saturday morning because I fell asleep playing it on Friday night. I’ve realized I don’t have it in me to get close to 100% of that game done because of the stupid figurine collecting and the Cuckoos minigame.

Shadow of the Colossus I finally beat last night which was very gratifying, I’m debating going back for hard mode where I think more magical weak spots are added per colossus. The ending was indeed kind of disturbing but not completely unexpected. Certainly not a very cut and dry ending by any means. Wow, maybe I’ll be productive now. Probably not.

Oh and most of you out there know what OMG stands for, but I’m guessing some people I know (actually, just my family) probably don’t know what it is. O.M.G = Oh My God. I don’t use this in chat conversation because I absolutely can’t stand chatspeak. It makes me want to smash things when people overuse it or use it at all really.