So far only Smartfood is the reduced fat product practically being forced upon me, but after the last time I’ve refused to give in to their tactics. I actually do eat unsalted saltines. I think crackers are the only thing that I’ll eat reduced fat or usually low sodium versions of because the regular brands are too salty most of the time. I just fear a world where the diet or reduced fat alternative becomes the norm and the original flavors are the alternative. It’s almost that way already with some things like the Perdue chicken slices I get which only come in 98% reduced fat now.

All diet Snapple drinks taste like urine as far as I’m concerned. I won’t touch skim milk not just because I’m lactose intolerant, but because it’s like drinking water. Tasty-D-Lite almost seemed like it had taste until I made it past the initial contact on my tongue at which point it melted and turned into air. It’s really quite amazing how something can seem to have all the qualities of ice cream except be completely devoid of any taste whatsoever. It’s almost like tofu in that all that it offers is texture, but even tofu has taste to it.