I’m not an avid Friendster user by any stretch of the imagination. My interest in the site seems to come in cycles of a few months at which point I’ll type in as many names as I can remember and see what people have done since last I saw them. Yes, there is great joy in seeing that the popular kids or people who really irritated you in English class haven’t left your hometown except for going to college. Call me superficial but that’s just how I’m wired. Friendster in this regard is kind of like an online high school reunion except you don’t have to see them in person to find out that you might be doing better off than they are. Actually, I found a page registered for my graduating class and found out I missed a five year reunion that happened last year.

Aside from whether or not someone left their hometown you can really tell who are the types who really clung to high school. This doesn’t apply in all cases but for some people you click to see who their listed friends are and 90% of their friends will be their high school friends. I only keep in regular contact with one friend from high school and another I see basically on a yearly basis at anime conventions.

Now that I’ve done my time on Friendster I can go back to not caring for another few months at which point I’ll return to find out still nothing much has changed.