I thought this thing was total crap that they showed this stupid Madagascar short film. Thus far I have nothing but utter disdain for all the Dreamworks CG animated films, Shrek included. I hate how Shrek has started this trend towards putting in oodles and oodles of pop culture references for cheap laughs. Though even as much as I dislike Shrek I can understand how its idea of manipulating and mixing up the fairy tales with the pop culture references worked for itself. Everything else following it is just following what they considered to be a formula and so far it’s been to little success. What I like about Pixar is that they can have adult humor and in-jokes without winking and nudging us through the process screaming out “Hey! Look at us! Aren’t we clever?”

I actually did see Madagascar which is why I can attest to its crappiness. The only reason I look positively on the experience of seeing it was that it was the first time I had ever gone to a drive-in theater.

The short film they played before the Wallace & Gromit movie has the penguins in it whom are arguably the funniest part of the largely unfunny movie. Yet the “short” film (technically it was a short film, but it had to have been at least fifteen minutes which is way too long for a film to be played before a feature) managed to be almost completely unfunny.

The entire experience reminded me of this time in college I went to a screening of “Trekkies” that Denise Crosby was supposed to be attending for a Q&A. The screening was run by an NYU fraternity which was a joke upon itself since NYU is so not a greek school. One of the members apparently was a film student so before they played the feature we were forced to watch this guy’s really horrible short film about death, God and the afterlife and other things film students in general should avoid. Denise Crosby ended up not showing supposedly because she was sick. My friends and I were convinced she was never actually going to come and it was all just a ruse to get us to see their crappy film.