I’ve never gone to a movie while stoned, but I can understand that there are certain movies that would certainly benefit from it. Like maybe really amazingly cheesy horror movies or one of those movies that no one would complain about the crowd being a little extra ghetto. That being said, I have no idea why on earth the couple that sat next to me when I went to go see “A History of Violence” this past Tuesday decided to get stoned out of their heads before going to see this particular movie.

The film is very serious slow paced drama with long thoughtful shots and some really great acting in it. There are scenes in it that have some humor in them, but they are generally the exception to the rule. That’s why it was so damn annoying that the couple next to me (the woman in particular) was laughing and giggling at every little thing going on. At first I thought they were some of those annoying people who go to films of “important directors” and just scoff at every little thing because it makes them feel big about themselves and their superior film knowledge. But then I realized the smell wasn’t cigarette smoke like I initially thought. By the end of the movie either their buzz had worn off or they were getting really into it because the laughing was at a minimum.

I think other parts of the audience were high on something too, because there were also some inappropriate laughs. What sucks is that if enough people laugh at things it gets people in a mood to laugh so they start looking for humor and it’s just bad for everyone who is smart enough to know they’re being stupid