I was walking on 6th avenue when this white guy who looked and sounded perfectly okay was panhandling for a dollar so that he could get subway fare. This guy might as well have been a normal pedestrian who sat down and decided to do this just for kicks. He didn’t look desperate in any way shape or form, in fact was rather jovial from the brief glimpse I got. Needless to say I didn’t give him a buck for his subway fare, though I was very tempted to say something sarcastic (perhaps not as sarcastic as this strip) to him, but I didn’t give into temptation.

I think this is a semi-regular occurance when you’ll see someone who fits this description on the street asking for money, usually specific about the quantity they want and usually much higher than the amount than the average pedestrian would ever give to a guy on the street. Really, do they never walk around enough to realize that they’re taking the wrong approach?