I do things a little like this when I’m stuck behind a slow walker, but I’ve never been caught. I don’t think I ever do the full on zombie walk with arms in front of me, but I definitely do take huge sarcastically slow steps. It helps me cope on some level before I zoom past them when it becomes possible to go into the street to pass them.

Actually I wanted to do another comic instead but this one was easier to draw. What happened was I was carrying my shoulder bag and my gym bag which means that the amount of space I was taking up was a lot wider and more unwieldy than usual. I see three women coming my way and because of the direction I was walking I had no choice but to go between two of them. I think the two women thought that the other person was going to move more than them or they were just stupid, because my bags touched both of them as I passed by. I apologize, but it seemed really silly to do that because clearly it was their lack of effort that caused the contact in the first place.