Clearly this has never happened to me. I can’t see anything close to this happening unless I went to a place every single day for at least a few years and we knew each other by name. Though I imagine that there are places where people have gone to the same corner shop for most of their life, ordered the same thing and would do inrreparable damage to the person behind the counter if their order changed.

One of my favorite Metropolitan Diary stories is one that’s sort of like this. I heard this from my sister so I’m probably going to butcher parts of it, but the general idea should be the same. Basically there was this woman who lived in New York and went to the exact same bakery for one specific thing that she ordered all the time. Then she moved away from New York, had a family in suburbia and all that. Then she was back in New York something like twenty years later and she ordered the thing she used to. When the owner of the store heard it he went to her and said “Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in sooooo long!”

EDIT: Okay so my mom corrected me on this story. A man used to buy half a pound of orange creams every week when he lived in New York. He moved away with his family for 20 years and on a visit back he went to see if the store was still there. He placed his usual order and the guy behind the counter said “Haven’t seen you in a while.” So I guess I emphasized a few things too much and got the sex wrong, but the basic idea is still there.