Warning, this is a complete knee-jerk reaction biased by playing a video game for over 100 hours, plus about two years or more of buildup for this moment.

I have seen the glory and it was good. I mean that in a biblical sense, because good is a pansy word to use to describe such an amazing display of complete and utter fanservice of the most delicious kind. I was reminded of my screening of “March of the Penguins” where one scene would continually top the cuteness of the previous one. Only difference being that in that film I would grow a little tired of the cuteness and get impatient for something cuter. Only my brain was not given the opportunity to process the total badassery before something equally if not exponentially more badass happened a second or two later. Holy crap.

When I see amazing trailers that make me put my hands over my mouth and laugh like only a total fanboy can, I usually think that I’ve seen all the best bits and there’s really nothing to see in the film other than the connecting filler. This is SO NOT THE CASE with Advent Children. In fact, you can see that some things in the trailer plain aren’t in the movie either they’re completely gone or they’ve been retooled in some fashion whether it’s changed lighting or sped up movement.

The action scenes are without a doubt completely beyond compare. Some of them I want to watch frame by frame because at times it was too hard to follow, but even in those moments if you’re able to comprehend single frames within the fight scene it’s still totally awesome. The movement of the characters is impossibly fast as only anime characters can be and this is a very very good thing. To see these 3D characters do all these things up until this point only anime characters have been able to do is enough to make this fanboy cry (I really had a tear at one moment, and it wasn’t for a sad scene).

I realize now though that I can barely remember if the movie even made sense because I was just so engrossed just by watching something new from the Final Fantasy VII universe. This is really going to make virtually no sense to people who haven’t played Final Fantasy VII because the characters and their relationships are given no development whatsoever and barely any introduction. Plus even I was trying to remember the origin of a character or two.

Repeat viewings are definitely in order, I know there’s one I’m already planning to go to this weekend.