On Wednesday I had the rather annoying discovery that Citibank closes at 4:00 pm on that particular day. Of course, I got there at 4:10 and the guard turned me away. So I went at 2:00 pm during my lunch break today to get my ATM card. Forty-Five minutes later I got to the front of the line. Yup, that’s right.

Apparently half the freshman population of NYU was at Citibank yesterday to open a bank account. Bearing this in mind Citibank opted to not have any kind of separate line for new NYU students to expedite matters for the students and non-students alike. I was in line for about fifteen minutes when one of the Citibank employees comes by to ask if anyone in line was there to pick up their student package. Four people in front of me were suddenly gone, but I was still only third in line.

At the desk there were two people. One old guy was helping out this other guy who was at the desk for THIRTY-FIVE minutes, and there was a woman who had the distinction of looking like she wasn’t actually doing that much. At one point there was a guy who was in line who got out and went behind the counter. When the woman was done with her customer she started waiting on him, so the woman behind me went to the desk and started bitching them out. As it turned out that guy had been there earlier in the morning and had been told to come straight to the desk. It still felt good to see.

Finally I got my turn and then I had to wait another ten minutes for her to go to the vault to get my card ’cause apparently they lock them all up. After that ten minutes I was gone with most of my lunch break completely wasted. Grrrr.