I got a pretty good handle on the people on the street asking for money in my area. One deli seems to have a rotation of people every single day. There’s one place where an old guy with a cane and messed up eye sits on a siamese pipe, but he was gone for a few months, and when I finally did see him after those few months it was only a couple of days. Then there’s one guy whose weekday spot is in front of a supermarket, but he opens the door at an ATM on weekends. There was also another guy who used to sit around on my street during the first year I lived here, but I haven’t seen him in ages, he probably moved on. Actually, he never asked for money now that I think about it.

This comic specifically is about this woman in the area who at her peak frequency showed up only one day or so on weekends. Plus she always had something to sit on, whether it was a milk crate turned on its side or a stool. Her tone of voice sounded the most like begging out of anyone, but she had a very sparse schedule so I always wondered. Then she wasn’t on her spot basically the entire summer, and then I saw her again but it felt like it was only every few weeks.

The last thing about being a tourist with a girlfriend was a guy in Manhattan. It was this guy with long hair and glasses who had that approach where they talk very slowly and don’t ask for change outright, but it always ends up with them asking for money. His story was that he was a tourist with his girlfriend (who was never around) and they just needed X amount of money.