So yeah, the last time I had to hold my pee while on the subway doesn’t even compare to tonight. The thing is, that it started off all right, but somehow it got so horribly painful I REALLY didn’t think I was going to make it. It was actually worse than what’s described in this comic. First thing was waiting for the subway at Union Square which was all right. I had my music and I was reading volume 7 of the Naruto manga and I was doing good.

Then when we were going over the Manhattan bridge I opened and closed my eyes several times, this bridge was seemingly going on FOREVER. Finally we get to the first stop when the conductor informs us that we’ll be going to the subway stop right before my stop and that it’ll be the final stop for that train. The direct result of this is that everyone on the train has to get off which means that it takes that much longer to get to the train you want to transfer to because there are so many people in front of you crowding the stairway.

But the happy ending is that the searing pain occasionally backed off enough to give me a moment’s relief (stress “moment”) and I made it home in a nick of time.