If only there were enough panels in the world to truly convey how horrible this was. I went to a McDonalds 99 cent ATM during my lunch break today because I was feeling too lazy to go to my own bank which was further away. There was this woman using it so I waited. Who even knows how long this woman had been at it because she was clearly doing something wrong and not understanding it. I wasn’t even really paying attention during the first three card swipes or so, but after that I knew this was going to become a comic.

She was just trying to make a withdrawl, but she ended up just getting a receipt, tearing it up and trying it again. Okay, so maybe she didn’t have as much money as she thought and the ATM was telling her that. So then she checks her balance (vying to print it out rather than view it on the screen, which means extra time for it to print, her to rip it and swipe again). I think after checking her balance she tried two more times.

THEN she turns around and asks if I’m waiting to use the ATM (duh). I say yes, after which she asks me to stand beside the ATM rather than behind her because she’s paranoid I’m going to memorize her PIN number or something. So I stand next to her and she has another failed attempt, I’m really about ready to go at this point. Of course she then lets me go and asks me to tell her if it works. I finish my transaction in maybe the space of a minute.

She then asks me to show her what I did. The ATM says she’s over her limit so she prints out the balance again. She tries to hide it but it looked like she had over $200 which wasn’t how much she was trying to take out so I don’t know. I gave a shrug and hurried out of there as quickly as possible.