So during our rest stop on the way back from Otakon I went to get a cone of frozen yogurt from TCBY. First of all, the line took 15-20 minutes in order for me to get to the front because of course there was only one register being used. I’ve been to TCBY a few times before and I always hated how they’d take a cup and fill it in the sides leaving a sizeable pocket of air in the center which of course is covered up once they get to the top. So I decided to get a cone.

First thing I noticed was that the writing on the cone was “take out no. 14” which made me wonder, is this essentially saying this is cone version number 14? Was there thirteen other cones that had been refined to the point of this one? Or were there fourteen varieties of this cone in circulation? Anyhow. Yes, the section of the cone where it has the little compartments must’ve been two inches long instead of maybe half an inch or a bit more. So big that by the time I took a big bite out of it I was left with a cone with no frozen yogurt in the bottom whatsoever.

The last bite of ice cream or frozen yogurt should have ice cream of frozen yogurt, not just . . . dry. That irritated me. TCBY sucks.