This morning I was on the subway when an elderly man got on the train. One side of the seats clearly had room for at least one person, but since there were no seat dividers people had naturally spaced themselves evenly enough to provide ample territorial bubbles. One guy kind of shifted in his seat slightly, but didn’t even end up moving much more than in inch if that. You could tell that he was thinking the person next to him would follow his cue and also move over to provide room for the elderly man. No such luck. Naturally that was the most he could possibly do without getting up from his seat so he gave up the effort. Another person eventually gave up their seat and the man was able to sit down.

I think it’s funny when people will do something to be polite but only half-ass it to the point that they might as well have done nothing at all. Like one time I was getting on the subway, saw two people inside the doors. When the doors opened they both turned around to show that they were checking for people coming in, but NONE OF THEM MOVED. So I had to squish my way through them. It’s like how when you know someone else is paying for dinner, but you’re obligated to at least reach for the wallet otherwise it’s rude. So silly.