When I see stupid stuff like this it almost makes me proud to wear a T-shirt and black jeans (or shorts during the Summer) every single day. I swear, some modern day fashion trends not only don’t make sense from a practical standpoint, but are just plain dumb. I understand people do it because it’s new and oddly innovative to some twisted minds out there, butt come on!! All you need is a few of the cool kids to do it and then everyone latches on.

The obvious question is why not just get some $30 jeans and destroy them yourself? But we all know the answer is that they wouldn’t be authentically destroyed jeans, then you’d just be a poser. Like when my 7th grade history teacher was dicussing the Pet Rock to which we all wondered why not just get your own rock from the backyard? Because it’s a stupid status symbol assigned value by huge advertising campaigns and celebrities.

These sorts of fashion trends are why periodically I walk down the street and see a group of three or more girls and just wonder where’s the factory churning these people out? Even if they have different color shirts and handbags, they’re all in the same combination, showing the same amount of skin because of their low-rise jeans. How is this remotely cool to be so completely unoriginal? If I ever for a second feel like my life is shallow or uninteresting I just need a group of these girls to see to just yank me right back.

This is just another of many reasons I don’t want to be in Los Angeles. Because if the density of “real people” is truly what we’d like to think it is in this city, then I’m really afraid of what it’s like over there.