Yes, I have a profile at Geek 2 Geek, and if you figure out which person on there I am you officially have too much time on your hands. I received this message today and just found it so totally absurd. I understand their logic in going to a geek dating website in order to procure a geek, but as explained it doesn’t make much sense to me. Plus I’m trying to picture the screening process. The person they’ll inevitably get will of course have thick glasses and not dress very well. If I were to go through with this bullcrap audition I’d go in dressed like a total jock. Or maybe a ghetto pimp outfit with baggy jeans, wifebeater and baseball cap turned to the side.

I’m so totally insulted/embarrassed to be a part of this culture that would make a reality TV so obviously dumb and exploitative. I keep asking myself when is all this reality TV stuff going to blow over? The premises of these shows gets continually more desperate so hopefully it’ll be sometime soon. This is why I don’t watch TV anymore.

Oh, and yes I did send a snarky email to this person. Please feel free to do the same at

This was the full message:

Hi! I’m Casting (I’m serious) a nationally syndicated reality dating show and we are looking to put geek on a date with HOTTIES that want to compete for the chosen geek’s attention and affection! If this is you, we want to meet you now! Please email me at with your name, age, a recent photo and 2 phone numbers where you can be reached. We are holding auditions in our Manhattan office right now! Great exposure and a chance to find love!

Thank you!