This happened this past weekend. I was walking down my street and there were maybe four or five parking spaces available, a few on either side. This was just amazing to see, street cleaning on my street is on Tuesday, but even then people only double park on the opposite side of the street and then move their cars right back. I even stood inside of the parking spot as if I wasn’t ever going to be able to stand there again.

I do not envy people who own cars in the city. Parking space, plus the garages with the 18.25% tax (though garages are amongst the only places I know of who take tax into account so that your final bill ends up being a nice whole number). The Seinfeld episode where George gets the great parking space, but goes on a thing about how he’s never going to give it up is so true.

I was actually in a situation this past weekend where I was in a car with a friend of mine looking for a parking space, because his mom was in from out of town and he decided driving into the city would be fastest. Well, I think any speeds was quickly nullified by the amount of time we spent trying to park so we could go to Kasadela (Which incidentally is closing this week so hurry up and go!). We ended up parking illegally in a driveway near the place because we couldn’t find anything after at LEAST twenty minutes. It was late though so we didn’t get a ticket. Cars are a headache, this is one of many reasons why I live in New York.