I always think that we’re past completely ridiculous dates in science fiction movies. Minority Report took place in the year 2054. The Island is supposed to take place ony 14 years from now??? Who are they kidding? I mean sure, this is also from the same movie where the video games are virtual reality Xboxes, but come on people! I mean, the Big Dig has taken almost twenty years and I don’t even know how far along they are at this point. The original budget was something like $2.5 billion and now it’s closer to $15 billion last I checked.

Minority report we’re to believe that Washington D.C. has now become a place where people commute to work through automated cars set on highways that soar over the city and take the rich and wealthy individually to their homes? Fourteen years is enough for some secret corporation to create a vast underground facility housing hundreds of thousands of clones, and that the above facility creates a massive holographic image to make it look like the surrounding area is some idyllic Caribbean setting? It’s going to take years for us just to convert all our TVs to HDTV. Please, sci-fi writers, stop putting dates on your work.