It’s too damn hot outside. It wasn’t just the shampoo, but the body soap and the face soap *shudder* plus it was melty. I don’t remember another time this ever happened to me, but it just seemed so gross and icky. Even if I keep my air conditioning on my bathroom can still be pretty hot. Especially after a night when I just have windows open and the fan on, because then I’ll have one of those scorching hot mornings where I wake up sweating and bleah.

I don’t know why it is, but it seems to be a universal thing that when normally cold/cool objects are warm it’s really disgusting. Most typical example being the warm seat on the subway. No one wants that. Or the subway pole that’s been held onto by several different people so you search high and low for the one spot that isn’t warm. Knowing the reason the object is warm never makes it seem any more pleasant. I mean, so what if it’s really hot and it heated up my bathroom products? It’s not like some sweaty guy walked around all day with my shampoo in his arm pit. Wow, that was a really disgusting image, I apologize.