This is a really nice place called Kasadela which is in Alphabet City on 11th street by Avenue C. A friend of mine knows the owner so we’ve been there a few times. They serve mostly sakŽ but they also have some Japanese munchables like edamame and other small appetizer meals. The sakŽ here is REALLY good, probably some of the best sakŽ I’ve had in general. They have a wide variety, some a little fruity, some that are dryer and they also have plum sakŽ as more of a dessert kind of drink.

They serve their glasses in these metal trays which also have sakŽ in them as if it had overflowed. A Japanese friend of mine told me that this is to indicate that they’re being generous. I thought that was an interesting cultural tidbit. The place is decorated with a lot of photographs the owner took on his trips because he’s been all over Asia. He goes on big biking trips, like around the border of Japan. I forget if he’s done that one yet or if he’s just planning it.

So anyway, if you like good sakŽ definitely check this place out, it might not be around even by the end of the summer because the owner was thinking of closing it so he could do more travelling.