Seriously, all this trouble just so I can get a frisbee that gives Snapple free advertising? 3X5 Card? Padded envelope? Photocopy of bottle cap? What the hell kind of crap is this “Win yourself a favor” stuff? First of all I think the whole “Win Yourself a Favor” tagline thing is dumb to begin with. A favor? Is this a favor we’ll have to return? Is their idea that our using Snapple products and spreading their logo how we return it? Whatever, it’s stupid. It should just be “Win Free Crap!” Or “Win Free Crapple!” Something else that’s not dumb.

So I’m not so sure I’ll be sending in my bottle cap to get a Snapple frisbee. Another thing you can win in this remarkable contest is Snapple lip balm. Can you imagine going to all this trouble just to get some stupid lip balm? I choose to believe no one out there is stupid enough to go through all this trouble for lip balm, because believing that will help me sleep tonight.