Sadly I’ve never seen a video game salesman use this as a way to recommend a game. I was just thinking of long RPG games because I was having a conversation with a friend whom I recommended the game Disgaea. On I had heard it referred to as “Final Fantasy Tactics on crack.” This particular friend had spent 99 hours playing Final Fantasy Tactics so there wasn’t any way in hell I wasn’t going to recommend this game to him. In this game your character levels can reach into the thousands, as opposed to your typical level 99. My friend has already spent 50 hours playing this game and his characters hadn’t even reached level 20 because he’s such an insane power player.

Before this game I would’ve thought that the missing grandkids game would be Xenogears which took me 60-80 hours to beat. Next level would probably be Final Fantasy X ’cause that game is freakin’ enormous. Then next level might be Final Fantasy VII. Games are getting to be kind of scary. I really want to play Xenosaga Episode II, but I know I don’t really have the time to play it to my satisfaction. I barely have time to play hack n’ slash games that I usually play in 30-60 minute spurts. Tragic really.