I have a mouse that likes to visit my apartment occasionally, so I set out the glue traps I found that the previous tenant left behind. So far I’ve caught a pill bug and a roach. The roach was still moving when I saw that it’s hind legs were caught in the glue so I got a bunch of paper towels to kill it and throw it away. Of course, it being a roach it wasn’t shmushed after my first initial attempt and almost got away.

Then I mushed it against the glue trap catching its head in it but then the rest of it came off. I decided at that moment to not test the thing I heard from the X-Files episode about how a decapitated roach will continue to move around until it dies of starvation.

Glue traps are pretty nasty. When I was little I remember reaching underneath places in my house unbeknownst that there was a glue trap there and getting it on my hand. I also remember one time finding one that actually had a mouse on it. I had no idea what to do so I took the trap and just threw it outside to the backyard. I have a friend who thinks that the rats in their apartment physically stole the glue traps because they just disappeared.

If these don’t work I’ll get some real mousetraps that might be more effective but no less horrifying to use.