Yesterday was one of the slowest days at work in an extremely long time. I’m always saying to the interns that there’s always something to do, but I was actually running out. Though admittedly, there were a few things I was avoiding because coupled with the slowness of the day was a sudden bout of laziness. I go crazy when there aren’t a million tasks to do at work, but of course I go crazy when there are a million tasks to at work. I really prefer being really busy to feeling like a total slug, plus the day goes by faster that way.

I describe slow days as moments my brain is leaking out my ear. I know I picked that term up from somewhere, but I can’t quite remember where. I remember a Calvin & Hobbes strip where he sneezes and says “Uh oh, I’m leaking brain lubricant,” but that’s not what I’m thinking of.

I was also revisiting the website Computer Stupidities, so I put the two things together to make this comic.