This is inspired by my experience going to see the French horror/slasher film “High Tension.” If you didn’t know already, this movie was initially going to be NC-17, but Lions Gate Films decided to cut out some of the violence to get an R rating. A few minutes into the film I noticed none other than a four year old child walking around.

When I saw this in the past I used to blame it on parents/guardians who couldn’t find a babysitter that night, but I’ve simplified it into thinking that some people are just dumb. Beyond that, the only other explanation I can find is that they were probably taken to horror movies as a kid too and they figure that they turned out all right so it’s okay for their kid to see men getting beheaded via large wooden bureau, a woman’s throat slit with blood splashing all over the room.

Other movies I’ve seen kids at include “Saving Private Ryan” and “Freddy vs. Jason.” The latter of which was the most disturbing because the kid was crying to their parent/guardian that they wanted to go, and this person actually physically batted the kid away and told him to sit down. That really annoyed the piss out of me. Thing is you can never really say anything because these are the types of people you don’t want to tell how to raise their kids. It’s disturbing to think that there’s probably not a horror movie playing in the city that doesn’t have a small child watching scared out of their mind. People can really suck sometimes.