This is the same takeout place that inspired this comic. Once again I went there because it was too late to cook and I needed my chicken lo mein fix. This time I noticed that in the center of their menu with the pictures there was the list of “American Dishes.” Not all of them sounded quite as American as the ones I chose to put here, but it still struck me as odd. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode with Babu who’s making the American food despite the fact he’s from Pakistan.

Is this menu just there for people who want Chinese food but feel they need some kind of gateway food since they’re venturing into such an exotic land of takeout New York Chinese food? Maybe they figured they’re one of the few places in the area open late and there were a bunch of customers who wanted American food but none was available, so they decided to do it as a service to the community. Whatever the reason it’s still weird.