I always say that summer in New York City is all about extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. You wake up in the morning and either it’s sweltering hot because you have no a/c or it’s rather comfortable. Then you leave your apartment and suddenly it feels like a sauna. On the way to the subway or whatever mode of transportation you take, you pass stores which have their a/c up high enough to influence the temperature six feet away from their door.

Then either you get on a super air conditioned bus or to the steamy subway station and then go into the super air conditioned car. You get out into another super hot station and exit onto the street where it’s not quite as bad, but still pretty hot. You might pass some more stores on the way to work, just hope you don’t walk over particularly hot vents whether they’re subway vents, vents from laundromats (particularly brutal) or buses waiting in traffic. Then you arrive at work where hopefully it’s nicely air conditioned. This could also work for if you go to a movie where the average temperature is 50 degrees or so.

I think the air condtioned stores with their open doors (hah! That rhymes) are rather nice to walk past, but something is telling me that I’m really messing with my body by going in and out of extreme temperatures so abruptly. There must be a study out there on this.