Tourists with camcorders amuse me to no end. As a person who owns a camcorder and has taken it with himself traveling I know that no one ever watches these videos ever again. Even if it were edited down to be a little more interesting. Photos are my weapon of choice for memories of a trip that I took. I first learned this when I took my camcorder to Otakon one year that I went. When watching the video with my friends it was a lot of “Wait! Go back! Aw shoot, you didn’t get a better angle of that person??” I never revisited that video again past that first initial screening which consisted mostly of fast forwarding.

Subsequent years I went to Otakon I took photos which I’ve looked at numerous times since, either because I wanted to go back and look at a certain costume or I was quickly browsing through my photo album. Photos are nice because they’re quick to go through plus the moment is usually better reproduced because the lighting is better.

Yet whenever I go to Times Square, I see all sorts of guys shooting video while they’re walking down the street, walk signals and all. Then you have the guys who are videotaping street performers. No doubt complete with shaky camera movements, obscure wideshots and horrendous sound that can’t hope to capture any pure enjoyment you might receive from paying attention to the live action instead of the LCD frame on your camera. This is why whenever I see this I always want to say to them to enjoy the moment, because if you’re not paying attention then, you’re missing the entire show.