I think one major fear out there that can encompass a variety of situations is simply a fear of losing control or knowing that there’s nothing you can do to save a situation. I think that when you flush a toilet and the water comes up or dropping a new bottle of soda from an appreciable height are good examples of these types of situations.

I was at a deli getting a bottle of soda, and me being the genius that I am I was carrying too much so the bottle slipped out of my hands onto the floor. I was extremely fortunate though, because the bubbles only made it to about half an inch shy of the cap. Any further and I’d have to try to conceal soda spray on the surrounding items in the aisle. I also managed to avoid the faux pas of then opening the bottle too suddenly and having it all spray around anyway. Sadly I predict I might not be so lucky next time, it’s bound to happen again in my lifetime.