I’m only partially guilty of this. I haven’t turned down the prospect of going out with people from work so that I could play video games, but I have had times where a friend wanted to hang out and I said that I really wanted to be playing San Andreas since I hadn’t had time to play in a long time. Which is kind of bad, but it would’ve been worse if it had been a friend I don’t see practically every day.

Of course, I have a more active social life than my character appears to have, which doesn’t exactly speak volumes about my life. This reminds me of one of the nerd purity tests online where the questions ask you things that you’ve turned down in order to use your computer including social engagements, girlfriend, sex, etc. But video games, especially RPGs are really time consuming, so it really is something you need to set aside time for like seeing people you haven’t seen in a while, or watching a couple episodes of a TV show in a night, or an anime or a movie you’ve been meaning to watch.

I love RPGs but I think this is part of a reason I’ve been leaning towards action games lately. I love Xenogears and I played Xenosaga, but I had the choice of Xenosaga or Devil May Cry 3 and it wasn’t even a choice I really had to make. At some point I’ll get to it, but for the moment a game that I can play for half hour intervals instead of three hour intervals is what I’m going to gravitate to.

That is, until Final Fantasy XII comes out of course. I do have priorities after all.