This is depressing on multiple levels. The supermarket I go to almost never has Smartfood popcorn which is one of my favorite junkfoods. Popcorn is good stuff unto itself, but the white cheddar is pure yum. Plus since it’s popcorn that means you get a full bag instead of a half bag of chips that have settled to the bottom. I love eating a big plate of popcorn with chopsticks while watching TV.

But my supermarket conspires against me because during the once in a blue moon moment they have it they only stock the reduced fat kind and then after that it could be months before they have it again. Or maybe they do have it often and it just goes so fast. Though if that were the case you’d think they’d be smart enough (no pun intended) to stock more of it.

I think I’ve reached the point where I don’t even remember what the original tastes like. To which you might wonder what I’m complaining about. It’s just that while eating something that’s lowfat you can’t help but think that you’re missing out on something and that it could potentially taste a lot better. Same goes for the thin sliced chicken cutlets I buy which now only come 98% fat free. Alas.