Actually I still don’t read/watch/listen to the news. The only connection I have to the news is the little Yahoo News capsule, though it occurs to me that perhaps I should be looking at the Google news page instead. All the news pages and RSS feeds that I read are computer, movie, anime and video game related and I don’t feel that’s such a bad thing. I get a whiff of most of the major issues going on, though I seldom read the full articles.

I was thinking about this today because on my car ride home from work the radio was playing and in the space of twenty minutes I heard about a rape, a shooting, and a delivery guy getting brutally beaten (with details on the instruments). It’s no wonder that I don’t listen to the radio for news or watch the nightly news. It’s also no wonder that people who live outside of New York have such a generalized view of it that causes my mom to worry whenever I say that I’m going to be leaving work after 10:00pm. Makes me think it would just be depressing to be so up with current events. Though being completely ignorant has its own dangers too. Hmmm.