Obviously this couldn’t have happened yet because the movie comes out tonight. Believe it or not I’m not seeing it until Friday night. Last year I don’t think I saw Attack of the Clones the first day it came out either. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but I can wait a little longer for a night that’s a little less crazy. I’m going to the digital projected screening in Times Square on Friday so if you see someone who looks nothing like my character, that’s me.

Lucas is such a bastard for putting extra footage into the digital screenings. He did the same thing with Attack of the Clones but all it really amounted to was a closeup of Anakin holding Padme’s hand (to my knowledge). Still, it’s such a cheap ploy to get people to see the digitally projected version. I’d see the digital projection regardless of additional scenes since it’s really the optimum way to see these movies.

The reviews are already largely positive so I’m not worried about enjoying it. I anticipate many moments when I’ll be laughing at how bad the dialogue is (“your skin is smooth, not like sand…”) but I expect to pee myself watching the lightsaber duels. read that Lucas added in something to the way General Grievous handles lightsabers because of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars series which is in my opinion the second best thing to come out of the Star Wars franchise (first being the original trilogy of course).

So this is really it, the last Star Wars movie. I think I’m glad because the prequels have largely sucked, and I’m interested to see what people like Genndy Tartakovsky will do with the TV series and animated show (though I think the 3D animated show idea is a mistake). It’ll be like Star Wars fan films, only good. *knocks on wood*