Okay so Best Buy has been providing me with a lot of material lately. I was having a conversation at work about “The Crow” and then on an impulse went to Best Buy to get it because I really like that movie. Plus that’s one on my list of movies that I need to watch in black and white (yes, I’m THAT nerdy, but at least I have friends who are just as bad, I’ll talk more about this in a bit).

So I go to Best Buy and wonder of wonders it’s only $15, so while I’m there I also got the “Star Wars: Clone Wars” DVD (the animated show, I have yet to purchase any prequels) and “Myster Men” which was only $6. I’m liking this trend of me finally having money to buy DVDs and how they’re simultaneously becoming extraordinarily cheap. It’s weird when there’s stuff I actually want in the bargain bin.

So I get to the counter and first of all there’re two girls double teaming the one register, one moves them across the counter to de-magnetize them, then the other uses the laser gun to scan them. Excessive much? Then she asks me if I want the eight free issues of Entertainment Weekly or Sports Illustrated which of course I turned down. Then like they always do they asked for my phone number. It’s not a huge pain to reject them, but it’s kind of sad to think that there are people out there who probably think that they’re asking for their phone number for credit card authorization or something. These subscriptions and such must be a big way they make money since they undercut most of the surrounding businesses.

At least they didn’t go through the survey with me like they did the last two times

Oh, back to the film nerdy stuff. This happened around junior year of college. A friend of mine read that “Blade Runner” was originally conceived as a black and white movie, so we popped in the DVD and turned down the TV’s color and lo and behold it still looked amazing. So then we went to the DVDs we had and tried to find more movies that might look good in black and white. We ended up watching “Dark City” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in black and white and they both looked awesome. All you need is good cinematography with lots of contrast and it’s a very interesting experience. The nerdiness knows no bounds does it???